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"Attune To The Light & Heal Thy Spirit!" ~Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

The new paradigm for the Aquarian Age is ENERGETIC and ever changing.

When you receive Psychic Healing Energy Workshop's Empowerments, you will be able to activate new presentations of ancient energetic vibrations for psychic mastery.

Throughout time poets, saints and mystics have revealed through their teachings that it is up to each individual consciousness to discover their own unique multi-dimensional higher self.

New and old souls are fearlessly searching for their God given psychic gifts of the spirit.

They seek Divine gifts more then material gifts and you probably seek these gifts too!

You will come to know, that you are a wave in an infinite ocean of light!

As you begin to experience this energetic reality, you will become more in tune to the divine and less concerned with the material world.

You will automatically begin to become more psychic.

The new paradigm states that you are energy, love and consciousness.

There are 3 special Shaktis in this Workshop:

1. You are Attuned to a dynamic Psychic Healing Energy
2. You are Attuned to a very potent Psychic Heart Shakti (used for healing)
3. You will receive an Empowerments to a powerful Healing Mandala.

Psychic Healing Energy-practitioner-$75.00

Hi Victor- Psychic Healing Energy Workshop is great for me, it very different energy I think, but its soooo good. The psychic healing energy light shakti went for at list an hour maybe more I lost track of the time, I was lying in bed, but I felt like I was above it rather then lying on it. The energy went all the way up and down my body, made me light headed a bit then a fell a sleep. As you said it can't be explained in words. All thanks to you. Thank you very much Peco

Ji, Thank you so much! I loved it! What energy flowing below the ground! Very intense vibrations and I can not wait to go back again soon! -Joh

Hi, Thank you for the wonderful energy. I have tried others but they left me unfeeling an wondering. I feel peaceful and content with a session with you. I will continue to be a regular. Patrice

You will receive the Psychic Healing Energy manual by email, All the Attunements, Shaktis and a printed certificate.


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