Archangel Lakiel

Psalms 147

Angelic Version

Praise ye the Lord:
for it is good to sing praises unto our God,
for it is pleasant;
and praise is comely.

The Lord will build your chakras,
and gather the Light to you!

The Light will heal a broken heart,
and make it whole again.

The Lord sends the vibrations of his stars,
to his Lightworkers.

Great is our Lord,
and of great power,
his understanding is infinite.

The Lord lifteth up his children,
and punishes the wicked
by their own karma.

Sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving,
sing praise to the light!

The Lord covers the heavens with clouds
and gives the earth rain,
and makes grass grow upon the mountains.

He gives the animals and birds their food.

The Lord taketh pleasure in them
that uses His Light correctly,
and in those that hope in his mercy.

Praise the Lord, O Lightworkers,
praise God, O peoples of Peace!

Your heart will be balanced,
and the Light will bless
thy chakras within thee.

He will bring you His peace
and fill you with His Light.

He sendeth forth his Light upon earth,
his vibration runs very swiftly.

He gives the light to you,
he scatters the darkness into ashes.

He cast forth his vibration like waterfalls of immense power,
what darkness can stand before him?

He sendeth out his light
and causes his wind to blow,
and the waters flow.

He gave His Light to ALL people.

The darkness is dense on earth,
but He has given all nations his light,
one ray of His shinning mercy
heals 10,000,000 souls!

As it is written: His Lightworkers know Him
and will spread HIS light by osmosis!

Praise ye the Lord & His Lightworkers.

ArchAngel Lakiel

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