Archangel Lakiel

Psalms 103

Angelic Version

I say to myself, Praise the LORD!
Everything that is in me, praises his holy name!

Praise the LORD!
And never forget any of the good things that he has given you!

He forgives all your sins.
He makes you well again when you are ill.

He redeems you from the darkness.
God never restricts His kind love and mercy.

He gives you the good things that you want.
So, you become strong again as a young eagle.

The LORD does righteous and fair things
for all people of the Light.

He showed Moses and the Israelites his plans
and what he was going to do & will show You too.

The LORD loves all peoples so he is very kind.
He never gets angry and is Pure Love.

He will watch over us & protect us.

If We do wrong things.
He does not punish for our karma as He is Love.

The sky is high above the earth.
So his kind love is great to those people that love him.

As far as the east is from the west,
so far has he taken our sins from us.

As a father is kind to his children,
so the LORD is eternally kind to ALL.

Because he made us,
he remembers that we are only His light.

The life of a man is as short as grass blade!
We live as short a time as the flowers in a field!

The wind blows over it and it dies!
Nothing remembers it any more.

But the kind love of the LORD
will always be with ALL.
And his righteousness will be with their children’s children.

The LORD has built his throne in heaven.
He is king over everything.

Praise the LORD, you his Angels.
You are strong and powerful.
You do what he tells you and you obey his word.

Praise the LORD, all his Angels in heaven.

Everything that he has made
and we praise the, and WE praise the LORD!
I say to myself, Praise the LORD. I am Grateful!


ArchAngel Lakiel

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