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Protection Healing Orb

Founded By Nicole Lanning

Protection Healing Orb is an effective Empowerment to help people who are in need of Energetic and Psychic Protection. There are no prerequisites for this form, as anyone can use this. This Empowerment Orb can either be called in or can be placed within someones energetic system as a gift to him or her. This is also wonderful and can be used be children as well, as they are in need of protection as well from all of the negativity in this world today.

Protection Healing Orb was channeled while working on my own psychic protection with one of my guides and Archangel Michael. This is not just a protection form but a healing one as well. Once the Empowerment Orb has been placed this works on healing the psychic and energetic problems, as well as protecting from any negative influences as well.

Protection Healing Orb is so important as it is not just for Psychic Protection but also Energetic Protection. There are so many psychic vampires out in this world today that we need to be protected from them. Some people say that psychic protection and energetic protection are the same thing, while some say they are not. I believe psychic protection deals with people and their draining abilities on us along with attaching astral energy cords to us, while energetic protection deals with our energetic fields when working with auras, chakras and meridians. These go hand in hand when working on a spiritual level, our energy levels and a healthy spiritual life.

Protection Healing Orb-Master Level-$20.00

Hello, Victor Thank you very much! I received an attunement, it is very gentle, supportive and healing energy Thank you once again, AK

You will receive the Protection Healing Orb master level manual via Email, All Empowerments, emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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