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Phoenix Seichim

How Phoenix Seichim is different from the other systems?

What is the meaning of the phoenix itself?

Phoenix means a rebirthing, new beginning and transformation. These energies of light help us in any cleansing procedures.

It works over blockages, releases all deep fears and anger.

With Phoenix Seichim you can stop negative patterns in your life, because we all know that "energy follows thought", so when you are working with thoughts you can heal.

This spectrum of the Universal's source energy can be used to accelerate your very own spiritual development. Phoenix Seichim focuses it energies at soul level. For example you can use it when working with the soul of a suicider, and with his family.

Phoenix Seichim is very useful in cases of obssesion, and karmic problems.

There is one Attunement per level (10 symbols in level 1 & 10 symbols in level 2 and 3 symbols in level 3). There must be a waiting period inbetween each level.

Phoenix Seichim Master Level-$75.00

Hi--I saw Kuan Yin embracing me with tachion essence, her multiple golden arms, I was seated like a budha over the planet. I felt a ray opening lotus every were, amazing experience.

You will receive the correct Phoenix Seichim-Master Manual 23 symbols via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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