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Pelee Is Kundalini!

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

Activating the Empowerments in Pelee's Workshop and especially the secret Face of Pelee Vortex mandala, you will realize yourself as more then a material body.

By Activating Pelee's Elemental Initiations, you will be inspired as your old incorrect energetic patterns fall away.

Her vibrations will create a new life of the highest frequency for you.

Pellee is the Goddess of life force or one of the original sparks of creation!

Pelee is the Hawaiian Goddess of the volcanoes living in the volcano at K´lauea.

Pelee's mission is to represent the divine mother as kundalini power and creativity.

As the personification of the internal forces of the earth, Pele's represents all that we can be.

Pelee is creativity personified and as such teaches us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions and to create a beautiful future for our planet!

You will feel Pelee's power and bask in Her Bliss when activating Her energies!

Life is ever changing but there is safety in the arms of Pelee.

She will change and transform your lower nature and give you a deeper understanding of nature's "life force."


Victor, I'm ready to pack my bags and move to Hawaii! Pelee is amazing. Tonight's attunements blew me away. My third eye started humming like an engine and it spread into a fire through my whole crown. Then the fire spread to my legs and I could feel nothing but fire at my base -- when I focused on being in the moment, the fire exploded into this butterly in my third eye chakra. It was alternating orange and yellowish and it popped out and when it did, what felt like thousands of butterflies started landing all over my body. It was so beautiful and I felt childlike, happy , carefree and free. Then I turned into a butterfly and took off into flight in this pinkish orange body. I am still vibrating with that energy. The feeling of wonderment and happiness in my being tonight is miraculous. Pelee is not volcanic in a rageful way -- she is blissful, and vibrating with the energy of transformation in the earth. The only other course that awakened this kind of transformational power for me was Thoth. The feeling of butterflies landing on and covering my whole body reminded me of the transformation I experienced, in a much different way, in the Thoth course. The butterflies were like eyes but with a different kind of sight, the kind that comes from entirely being in the moment. Thank you Victor, Clara

Hi Victor, I want to thank you so much for everything. I have transformed greatly after receiving your attunements. Since childhood my head was filled with past life memories that were very complicated to recall fully in any meditation. You have brought me great relief by your attunements. They have helped me recall and detach from very old past lives that were affecting my present. I can never thank you enough. I felt the immense love of Pelee, saw a glimpse of paradise, and my dad too. I saw a native American man leading me to Pelee. She winked at me when I saw her and recognised her. Then she was very loving and uplifting. She showed me a pile of coal that I had to walk on and cross. She seemed to have faith in me. I cannot truly describe the changes I'm feeling. But I feel closer to home. I thank you and pray for your highest good. Lots of love and gratitude, Neha

You will receive the Pelee-Practitioner Manual via Email, All Attunements and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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