Pegasusí Lair

Pegasus Lair

Pegasus types have a particular flair for creating beautiful surroundings in which to live. They are perfectionists and detest disturbances and ugliness.

Pegasus types are very concerned with promoting social harmony.

They are curious and open-minded but they also want proof to support their ideas. Also they have an exceptional organizational ability. Since they are objective and just they are wished as unbiased mediators at disputes. They are extremely independent.

Pegasus Lair -Master Level Workshop helps to slowly bring those qualities to you.

Pegasus Lair -Master Level-$15.00

Hi Victor, Lovely attunement as I have pegasus and unicorns with me all the time and I've been wanting this attunement for a while to help me make a stronger connection. Felt very swirly energies surrounding me, lots of silvers, purples and blues but also some quite strong earthy energies and rainbows. Thank you for being so helpful and for your support. It's nice to speak to somebody who is genuinely kind and caring. Best wishes, peace be wtih you. Rachel x

You will receive a manual by email, One Attunement an a emailed certificate. Full Email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops

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