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Pagan Wheel of the Year Series

Yule Circa 22nd December Lesser Sabbat

Channeled by Farhad Najafi

The Pagan calendar is based on the Celtic 'Wheel of the Year'.

This calendar is closely attuned to the natural rhythms and cycles of nature and the passing seasons and the eight points in the year are seen as having specific significance - these are the Sabbats.

The modern Gregorian calendar is dotted with holidays and festivals celebrating notable events in history or honouring some event of religious significance. However, nature has no knowledge of these man-made dates - the trees do not drop their leaves because of the month, sheep do not lamb according to the dates on a calendar and the tortoise does not go into hibernation because the date is right. All of these things are influenced by daylight hours and temperature, which change as the Earth travels in its elliptical orbit of the sun - the seasons.

As the earth traverses its path around the sun, there are points which give rise to special phenomena. The Equinoxes are the points when both daylight and darkness are of equal length. One occurs in the spring (the Spring or Vernal Equinox) and the other occurs six months later and is known as the Autumn Equinox. These two events divide the Pagan calendar into two equal halves. Exactly halfway between each equinox are two points on the earth’s path which mark the Solstices. At the Summer Solstice, daylight hours are at their maximum for the year and the hours of darkness are at their shortest. At the Winter Solstice, the opposite is true and we have the shortest day and longest night.

These four points establish part of the Pagan calendar and are known as the 'Lesser Sabbats' because the mark the transition of one season to the next. The point exactly half way between each of the Lesser Sabbats is when each season is at its peak and so these points are seen as 'Days of Power' and are known as the 'Greater Sabbats' - and so the Wheel of the Year turns full circle. Each of the Sabbats is marked by a festival and has its own celebratory traditions.

Yule marks the New Year for Norse and Saxon Pagans. It is the Winter Solstice when the day has the shortest hours and the darkness the longest hours of the year. From this day on, the daylight hours lengthen and the hours of darkness shorten. Yule marks the ascent of the God who brings the sun to warm and ripen the land, a promise of better times to come. The Goddess now starts her rest, giving way to the God.

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