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Orgone Life Force Attunement

Now you can make very powerful orgone generators, without using a specific material!

This method is much easier then standard way of making Orgone generators because it is not dependent on specific materials.

You can make anything into a powerful Orgone generator-Life Force intensifier.

You are actually changing the material on a etheric level, so it will become a powerful life force antenna in itself, which will never wear out!

Make Orgone/life force pendants, earrings, finger rings, wands, blankets, crystals, massage oils etc.

Plus, you will to learn to make a powerful Radionics manifestation device.

Orgone Life Force Attunement-Master Level-$45.00

Victor-Ive just finished calling in the Orgone Attunement and all I can say is WOW :-).WONDERFUL__my friend!-I was a little worried at first as I was not feeling anything then all of a sudden the energy Entered straight through my Crown chakra right down to my Earth Chakra. My whole body was tingling it was awsome, Im going to enjoy using this energy I just know it. Many Many thanx again for this one. Jay

Hello Victor, In the past I received several attunements from you so I know I can trust you what you offer 1000%. There is a flu going around and several of my co-workers have gotten sick and I wound up doing their work. The other day I completed a 36 hour strecth. But I really didn't feel tired. Between having an orgone energy antnnea under my bed and one on me I have not been tired or sick.

Happy New Year to you Victor, The Orgone attunement was quite comforting. I'm a night owl if you haven't noticed and tend to wake up 2 - 3 times a night, what was diffrent for me was that I fell back to sleep immediately and when I woke up this morning I wasn't still tired. It has literaly been years that I woke up refreshed, so thank you very much. So thank you, your work have been a blessing. With much Love and Light, Damian Your attunements are more than spiritual, they are totally practical. Thanks again. Fred Hernandez

You will receive the Orgone Life Force - Master Manual via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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