Temple Of Empowerment

Original Seven Degree Reiki Master

Prerequisite Usui Reiki Master

The traditional Usui method of Reiki teaching as taught by Takata had a few different symbols then the original system.

It is certain that the Master Symbol has had a few variations during the course of Takata's teachings.

The original 7 Degrees system corresponds to the 7 Chakras.

The original 7 Degrees system is suppose to be similiar to the Radiance Technique as was devised by Dr Barbara Ray.

Ray was a favourite student of Takata in the early years of Reiki being taught in the United States.

This system as taught first came into existence in Europe. It includes seven attunements which correspond with the seven major chakras and the symbols that go with each chakra.

Accordingly to some this is the original Radiance system but whether it is are not anyone taking this workshop will gain valuable Attunements and knowledge.

Original 7 Degree Reiki-Levels 1-7-$95.00.

You will receive the correct Original 7 Degree Reiki Master manual via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. P

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