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Orb Of Life

Founded By Ole:

Prerequiste: Reiki Mastership

Empower Yourself!

The Orb of Life is an etheric energy ball with the size of a soccer ball. It consists of very concentrated, high frequency life force.

The orb is not a physical object but made of pure energy. It acts as an antenna for life force and keeps on producing it.

What can it do?

Provide you with high frequency life force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Charge water and other items.

Automatically protect you from negative energies, EMF and psychic attacks.

Help you to clear blocks.

Help you in healing sessions, both distance and hands on.

Transfer Test

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What will I receive?

You will receive your own personal Orb of Life, which will last for a lifetime, as it will never wear out. If you like, it will always follow you wherever you go. You will also receive instruction on how to make you own Orbs!

Orb Of Life- Master-$35.00


Hi Victor, I want you to know how pleased I am after receiving the Orb Of Life. As you know I am a Dowser, and I can't resist measuring the energy of food, water, vitamins and anything else, including people.

I asked the Orb of Life to energize a bottle of water. I first measured the LIFE FORCE of the water in percentage, it measured 30 percent. I then measured the energy field of the water, it measured 2 inches from the bottle.

After asking the Orb to energize the water, I measured the water again, I was delighted: the Life force measured 100 percent and the energy field was a full 5 feet in diameter from the bottle. Victor, thank you- the Orb is something I will have with me, always. Much Light, Peter

Thank you, The Attunement changed and as usual my head was doing the circling pattern for this one , but my torso was doing two different patterns of movements new to me and my arms are in prayer position but feel elsewhere ... I felt hot flashes all over my body incredible .. I love this Saving up for my next workshop ... Thank you thank you thank you, Namaste Adelaide

Order Via Quick Western Union Wire Transfer

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You will receive the Orb Of Life master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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