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From the Founder of Kundalini Reiki:
Ole Gabrielsen

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Mikao Usui speaks:

Welcome my friend!

It is with much pleasure and warmth in my heart, that I can now present to you a new upgraded version of Reiki. Much have been said and written about Reiki. Much focus has been given to what is right and wrong, how the hands should be placed, which correct symbols to use etc. But let me tell you what Reiki really is: Reiki is simplicity!

You should relax more and trust your intuition. Because that is the road to true healing! Do not dwell on to many techniques, just do it! My child has always been using this parable in his teachings:

If you threw a bucket of water onto a path filled with potholes, what happens? The water gathers in the potholes. You don't need to go to each individual hole and fill them all one by one; the water will run into the holes of its own accord. This is how energy works. Start the energy flowing, and it will gather in the places it is needed of its own accord.

You see? Reiki is intelligent. You cannot force it. Do less and you will gain more.

The original "system" did not have levels/grades. Nor did it have symbols. These have been added later on. I have though decided to keep the 3-level system for better adaptability. I have added nothing, so you can keep on doing what you have done previous, with the only "side effect" that the energy has been refined.

Some claims that they have channelled the highest frequency/band of Reiki. But I say to you, nothing stops the evolving process! Everything evolves into a finer frequency and this process is infinite!

A final word on linage: Linage is somehow important, because linage shows you how far you are from the original source. It is not crucial, but important if you would like to keep the energy strong and pure. So ask your teacher about linage. 4-5 persons from the "source" should be a maximum.

I will be with you always!

In Gratitude & Love

Mikao Usui

Thursday, 30 December 2004


This course is both for beginners and more experienced practitioners.

You are further taught to pass on New Usui Reiki 1-2-3 in the full course.

New Usui Reiki-$49.00- Levels 1-2-3

Hi-The light in my hands that I hold in prayer position fills my heart. Energies in my heart back chakra, my shoulders a pressure in my crow. I think of waterfall and sun light burst of light shower of water and sun light reiju bliss feeling of grace love divine light usui image in my mind kurama yama , mt. fuji, buddhas and lotuses, the 5 principles play in my heart. I feel blessed and bliss happiness and peace. I think Usui himself giving Reiju, I smile I'm happy and I think its how it feel the true reiju. much joy! Ofira

Dear Victor, Thank you for the 3 Reiki attunements! Receiving them has been a wonderful experience! I am looking forward to receiving the next levels, I just want some time to enjoy and assimilate this new feeling of connection. Much joy and light! Angelica

You will receive the correct New Usui Reiki Master Manuals via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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