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Negative Entities Clearing Reiki

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki works wonders on dealing with issues of negativity and clearing such as thought forms, psychic vampires, psychic hoover, psyhcic attack and much more!

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki has 5 levels and 1 symbol.

In the 5th level the negative entitites Symbol is placed into the Aura so to aid in clearing of negative energies.

Level 1 will clear the blockages within the energy body and will clear out the negative debris in the Auric Layers.

Level 2 will clear out all other levels of the aura to balance them and make them more vibrant and energetic.

Level 3 will clear out the negative energies from the Seven Chakras so that the energy is in a positive state of being to allow this energy to move more freely.

Level 4 you will become a practitioner of this system and will then be able to heal others using this modality plus you will also take learn how to take out the negative energies attached to someones aura and the atmosphere around them.

Level 5 will attune you to the master/teacher energies so that you can pass this attunement and the symbol to others.

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki is also used for clearing spaces and to be free of negative energies forever! This is not a quick fix and requires commitment to working with the system.

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki-Master-$25.00

Hi- Thank you very much. It is a good attunement and has helped me greatly. Thanks and peace.

Dear Master, Thx, I had a good experience with the last attunement. I feel the difference at some stage when I walk or I am out on the road. I can say that there some level of negativity control, I do not feel leech like before. I will keep practice it until it will be part of me. Yours Student, Tshitamba

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ATTUNMENTS. I had a vision of being given a white sword of light by a white bearded man, he wore tunic with a cross on it so vivid, Namaste thank you.

You will receive the Negative Entities Clearing Reiki Master Level manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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