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Mystical Mermaid Healing System

The Mystical Mermaid Healing System embodies the energies of several mermaid/sea Goddesses which include Amphitrite ('The Great Embracer' -- pre-Hellenic sea Goddess); Atargatis (Syrian mermaid Goddess); Mami Wata ('Mother Water' -- Nigerian mermaid Goddess); Sedna (Inuit sea Goddess).

The energies of this system will allow us to abandon ourselves (ego) and hurl our true (divine) selves into the deep, to sprout wings, and transform into a new form with Higher knowledge, understanding, wisdom and perception. The depth of the water (duality) can sustain life, give comfort and is a source of life and abundance. Water is symbolic for spiritual rebirth and renewal, purification and regeneration and is the source from which each person is born.

Aspects of ourselves that are released will be the inner seductress/seducer as we will no longer have to hide our desires of the sexual subconscious or feel as though we have to return to the amniotic waters of the womb and hide.

We can abandon our old habitat where we are afraid or ashamed of our sexual powers and re-emerge in the light of Spirit knowing that our powers and desires in this area are Spirit-given, blessed by Spirit, good and that Spirit wants us to enjoy these releasing a lifetime of frustration and finding the erotic woman or man within us!

The Fish Tailed Goddess within can then create his or her emergence into all its glory and fullness. We have earned this gift for ourselves. You are encouraged to rise up and receive the wonder and adventure of a New World right inside you!

This system is very easy to use. It includes a releasement clearing, programming a stone for healing, and much more. You will receive the attunement, manual, certificate and many blessings from the powerful energies of the Mermaids and Mermaid Goddesses this system embodies.

Mystical Mermaid Healing System - Master-$22.00

You will receive theMystical Mermaid Healing System master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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