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Moon Gods and Goddess-Artemis

Created by Elizabeth Hibel

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt.

She, Hestia, and Athena are not affected by Aphrodites (Greek goddess of love) manipulations. Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto (sometimes called Letona as well as the twin sister of Apollo.

Artemis is one of the principle Goddesses of Greek mythology.

Artemis' bow is symbolic of both the crescent Moon as well as of inner self-esteem, of an exquisitely tuned inner tension.

Magickal Correspondences includes sacred candle color, planet, herbs, crystals and stones and animals.

Moon Gods and Goddess-Artemis - Master-$15.00

Moon Gods and Goddess-Bendis

Psychic Abilities & Magic

BENDIS (Bendis), a Thracian divinity in whom the moon was worshipped for psychic powers.

The Moon Goddesses are important in many cultures around the world where they form a central role in mythology. The moon is associated with the divine feminine as in many tribal societies the feminine cycles were linked to the phases of the moon.

Moon Gods and Gods-Bendis - Master-$15.00

Moon Gods and Goddess-Diana

Goddess Diana was the Roman Goddess of Light, Moon Goddess, Queen of Heaven, Lunar Virgin (note that to the Romans, virgin meant a woman who had never been married or pregnant, not a woman who had never had sex. Diana is Goddess of Wildwood, Divine Huntress, Protector of Animals.

Moon Gods and Gods-Diana - Master-$10.00

Moon Gods and Goddess- Heng 0

Chinese Moon Goddess Heng 0 is a powerful Lady of the Moon.

CHANG-O glows with a brilliant eerie lights and offers good fortune to those that remember her. Her festival on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon, when prayers and offerings are most welcome is a very auspicious time.

Moon Gods and Goddess-Heng O - Master-$15.00

Moon Gods and Goddess-IX CHEL

Ixchel, pronounced "ee shell", may be the greatest of the Mayan goddesses Ix Chel is a Mayan goddess of the moon, but she is also the goddess of childbirth, rainbow,weaving, fertility, and lovemaking. Ixchel, "Lady Rainbow" and the wife of the supreme Mayan deity, was the Mother Goddess, the Goddess of the Moon, and the Goddess of Medicine. Over the ages, her roles changed and she was transformed by time and adopted by the Aztec, who called her Xochiquetzal.

Moon Gods and Goddess-Ix Chel - Master-$15.00

Moon Gods and Goddess-Khon (Khonsu)

Khonsu was a moon-god and the son of Amon-Re and Mut. His name derives from the root, "khens" which means to travel, to move about, to run. He was usually portrayed as a man with the head of a hawk and wearing the lunar disk. Khons was was considered a form of Thoth by the Thebens and it was in Thebes that Ramses III built the "House of Khonsu in Thebes, Nefer-hetep". It was said that when Khonsu caused the cresent moon to shine, women conceived, cattle became fertile, and all nostrils and every throat were filled with fresh air.

Moon Gods and Goddess-Khon - Master-$15.00

Moon Gods and Goddess-Selene

Westerners are familiar with (female) moon goddesses.

Our word lunar, as in the lunar cycle of full, crescent, and new moons, comes from the feminine Latin Luna.

This seems natural because of the association of the lunar month and the female menstrual cycle, but not all societies envision the moon as a woman.

In the Selene is often closely identified with Artemis and Hecate, both of whom are moon goddesses as well. It is said that this was the one the Triple Goddess Hecate was honoured by when she was in the realm of heaven.

Her magickal correspondences are also covered in this manual... day of week, color, planet, gemstones, herbs and associations.

Moon Gods and Gods-Selene - Master-$15.00

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