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Milk of Ganesha Flush Empowerment

Founder: Jean Myrner

Milk of Ganesha Flush Empowerment bring success in all that you do.

Ganesha is considered to be the remover of all obstacles in life and, in India, few ventures are begun without first offering homage and worship to Ganesha to bring total success.

With this Empowerment you invite the energies of Ganesha into your heart and life so that he may bring you success in all that you do.

This is a spiritual energy flush channeled from Lord Ganesha as an energetic support for health.

Milk of Ganesha Flush Empowerment uses Lord Ganesha's spiritual energy to clear stagnant energy, blockages, burnt karma, debris, attachments, cords, and anything no longer needed blocking our health and wellbeing.

Milk of Ganesha Flush Empowerment-Master Level-$15.00

Hi Victor, here is the feedback: I did the Ganesha Anointing this evening and I felt the energy come in and I saw a silvery cloak wrap around me and there was strong pressure around my third eye! And the Milk of Ganesha Empowerment - this one was a cascade of silvery white milky energy coming into my crown and into me. Thnx! Blessings, James

You will receive the appropriate the Milk of Ganesha Flush Empowerment Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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