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Mayan Jaguar Priests

"The Jaguar Priests Had Cosmic Energies You Can Now Receive!" ~Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

Mayan Jaguar Priests Workshop contains 5 memorable Empowermensts to open connections to the sacred Jaguar Priests energetic order! Plus you are also given a secret Mayan technique for Self-Actualization.

Mayan Jaguar Priests Workshop energies will empower you to create positive thought patterns and to live in magic levels of consciousness.

Mayan Jaguar Priests Workshop will entrust you with the ancient energies of the Jaguar Priests powerful vibrations.

Mayan Jaguar Priests Workshop energies qualifies you to draw energy from within to be used to expand and transform your creative power.

The Jaguar Priests were completely able to access their subconscious minds enabling them to connect with cosmic events and the collective mind.

Due to the Priest's advanced psychic powers they were able to construct huge stone cities and temples that are still a mystery today.

The Mayan Jaguar Priests recorded the flow of spiritual time and were able to map the evolution of consciousness.

They created a calendar that was keyed to the nine creation cycles which represented the nine levels of consciousness.

Through Mayan Jaguar Priests your intuition will grow.

The Mayans know that if men behaved in conformity with the universal laws of nature, there would be a balance of harmony and health in the universe and their lives.

You will receive the sacred Empowerment of Kukulcan plus Empowerments to the ancient masters, Kawi'l and Ix-Chel.

Mayan Jaguar Priests is a special Workshop in the field of spiritual energetic technologies as it can help you develop and rediscover your full human potential.

Mayan Jaguar Priests-$155.00

Hi V, Sorry I haven't phoned you back. The attunements were extra-ordinarily powerful in this workshop. The catapulted me into a silent, bliss, meditation, shamanic journey that lasted till 5:30pm. It was amazing! In fact, I'd say that Mayan Jaguar Priests is one of the most unique and powerful of your offerings. Namaste, Brother, and God Bless, Gary

Hello, Thanks a lot for the attunements, I feel happier and I felt my left side of my body and the back of my head, form a kind of bliss. I feel more steady in a fluent stream in the present moment, all connected with the events of my daily life and give thanks- I saw a coloured flying serpent coming out from a white tiger on my back, ...R

You will receive the Mayan Jaguar Priests Manual via Email, All Attunements and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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