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Please note: The Founders first language is not English so the manuals can seem confusing at times.
edical qigong It is understandable and I am here to offer any assistance if it is needed

Adad Lightning Fork Essence-$25.00

Aqua Gold Energy-$25.00

Beautiful Calm Energy-$28.00

Bio-Charge Generator-$30.00

Business Energy Amplifier-$27.00

Business Metaphysic Protection-$29.00

Business Mutual Care-$28.00

Business Traffic Generator-$26.00

Clear Light Purifier-$25.00

Diamond Business Light-$28.00

Dragon Phoenix Energy Empowerment-$28.00

Earth Resonance Amplifier Devices-$50.00

Earthly Vibration Amplifier-$30.00

Energetic Medicine Treatment-$35.00

Eternal Mother Light-$27.00

Fireball Energy Radiance-$30.00

Fu Dog Empowerment-$27.00

Garuda the King of Bird Attunement-$25.00

Golden Arowana Empowerment-$29.00

Golden Magnet Business-$25.00

Green Meteorite Energy Shower-$23.00

Healer Empathy Aid Device-$25.00

Healing Yellow Energy-$29.00

Laugh Energy Essence-$28.00

Love Magnetism Field-$25.00

Lovely Relaxing Energy-$21.00

Master Healer Energy Empowerment-$30.00

Matrix Love Protection-$35.00

Mystical Black Panther-$22.00

Natural Red Vibration-$25.00

Nature Relaxation Resonance-$35.00

Nautilus Spiral Chamber Energy-$27.00

Obsidian Mystical Power-$35.00

Orange Splash Attunement -$27.00

Rainbow Lightning-$25.00

Romantica Energetic Fire-$50.00

Self Business Generator-$29.00

Soul Bridge-$29.00

Sphere of Light Flux-$28.00

Super Blasting Union Force-$35.00

Toxic Relationship Cord Cutting Device-$60.00

Triangle Star Healing Forces-$60.00

Ultra Self Vibration-$29.00

Universal White Gold Energy-$30.00

Wijaya Kusuma Essence-$25.00

Yin Yang Golden Orb-$25.00

You will receive the correct Maha Kamaleksana course and All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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