Maha Golden Shakti

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Golden Shakti

This is an ultimate Workshop for Energy Work and Spiritual Unfoldment.

Maha Golden Shakti contains the final Supreme Electric Fire Attunements plus the Maha Shakti Initiations.

Maha Golden Shakti completes the series of very Holy, Energizing and Dynamic Empowerments that can be found only here: Kala Chakra Empowerments.

Vital energy flows unimpeded through your subtle anatomy and the mind is released from its bondage to the cells.

Clear and lucid, the mind experiences spontaneous visions such as luminous grids and webs of rainbow light.

Maha Golden Shakti Energies, Techniques and Initiations are a New marriage with the ancient science of Narope's Yoga for the ultimate in Transcendental Experience.

Maha Golden Shakti Energies transports the Adept to the end of the primordial path of insight and Great Bliss.

Maha Golden Shakti has a holy and sacred Initiation that is life changing and connects the Adept to the "Angel Of Golden Light."

The Angel Of Golden Light will then help you perform physical healings for yourself and others increasing your healing effectiveness 50 fold.

A secret and powerful Transmission from the Golden Angel of Light is enabled.

This transmission will balance all merdians and chakras.

You will receive the capablity to activate a second transmission of energy that will last for an hour that opens a channel of communication to the Golden Angel Of Light!

This transmission will impart BLISS to you.

This is the only place in this dimension where these Precious Attunements and Initiations are Transmitted in this form!

Hi Victor, The attunement to Maha Golden Shakti was wonderful. An angel, she said her name was Gabriella, stood in front of me. I was surrounded by a circle of golden light that radiated outwards. The angel moved her hands in front of me, very gently, as if harmonizing my aura. Thank you for the beautiful experience. Nydia

Hi Victor, Just activated one of the transmissions: It was quite an experience. I felt some very powerful energy, that was the most powerful transmission of energy I've ever felt! It felt much more intense and powerful than all the Attunements I've received thus far. I only caught some glimpses of the angel here and there, I mostly saw her hands moving a lot, she was very busy! I got some body shakes, some itches and lots of tingles. It lasted about 32 minutes. The last 15 or so minutes, I felt her clasp my hands, which were in the prayer position. She clasped her hands over mine, she has a firm grip! Plenty of colors and shapes swirling about, I did see a six pointed blue star at least twice, with some incredible blue and gold sparkles like I've never seen before, the colors were very intense! Even now, about an hour after I finished, my head still tingles. OK Victor, Thank you so much, Take care, Much Light, Wayne

Hi --Have a Happy New Year Victor! Thank you for all of the work you've done on me, the changes have been remarkable!! I think you've made me into a very different person from the first Kundalini Reiki workshop up to Maha Golden Shakti! Take care, Much Light! Wayne

Hey Victor, I have recently been working with the Golden Shakti and Maha Golden Shakti energies and they are absolutely amazing, I am sure I have already told you this. Really appreciate everything! Regards, Shannon

Hi Victor, I completed all 16 Attunements. Felt a lot of heat and sweat. This is more than usual as I am currently looking after my sick dad in Sri Lanka its usually 34 Degrees Centigrade which is 93.2 Fahrenheit. Felt body vibrations. My crown chakra opened a few times!! Saw a lot of golden light!!! Really tired. Will get an early night's sleep. Will start the pdf exercises tomorrow. Many thanks, Pes

Hi Victor, Maha Golden Shakti is nothing short of amazing! I only practiced a few times this week as I got an infection for a couple of days. I used the immune system attunement in the Golden Shakti and some antibiotics. It went in 2-3 days. I am fine now. I did the weekly Angel of Golden light weekly transmission this evening at dusk. Saw a lot of golden light. Saw images of an angel/deva but could not make the face out. But I saw clearly rows of Golden Buddha statues in front of me and to my right and left from the position that I was looking. The angle/deva revealed its name as Majestic when I asked at the end. Could not make out what gender it was. But some can change gender as far as I have read. I did see 2 different angels/devas faces yesterday very beautiful!!! By doing Golden Shakti/Maha Golden Shakti I have had very pleasant synchronicities these few days. Long may they continue. I am very great full and humble to receive your attunments. They are worth every penny! Much Golden Light/Metta, Peshantha

Hi Victor, thank you so much for bringing the Maha Golden Shakti energies to our plane! It was a bit chalenge for me to receive them during just three days cause no one attunement took less then 30 min - actually only two, other ones took btw 40-60min and the Maha Golden Shakti Angel of G L Initiation full 90 minutes. Like other people said, it was interesting experience, where I was moved by her devotion and love. The last one, while only 40 minutes was the most powerful for me, when my brow chakra was hit on the border of its limits. Second strongest was E F Attunement, when I felt also an extreme heat in place where kundalini is coiled. What was interesting to find out is that each attunement had a stabilization phase. During this phase the energies assimilated into my energy system, thus after each attunement there was no need for further balancing. Mainly I just needed to take a rest for my brow chakra worked really hard, along to take time for drinking a lot of water and humble prayers. And three hours after last attunement I was fully recovered from slight headache. That is all. Many blessings. Ras

Namaste Victor, Now since I have activated The Maha Kala Chakra, when I activate GS Kala Chakra 3rd eye, I clearly see "The Primary Source of all that Is" expanding and being recreated to Infinity, its glowing and embraces my beingness in unity. I let myself time to assimilate and to integrate these powerful yet sweet energies.... I am so glad I have received it, thanks again! love and Light, jayesh

Namaste Brother Victor How are you? Maha Golden Shakti is amazing... I am so glad I have received it, and very grateful. Love and Light, Jay

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