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Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program

Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program Level 1

Initiate, which explains the basics of what it means to practice Shamanism. The Level 1 attunement connects you to the energies of Mother Earth and to the energies of Spirit in a way that will help you grow and learn to expand your horizons. The Manual for Level 1 covers how to take a spirit journey, looking within to discover who you truly are, and what your path may be, rights of passage, magickal names, and more.

Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program Level 2

Intermediate, strengthens your connection to Mother Earth and to Spirit and offers a shield of protection as it helps you identify and clear negativity and unwanted energies which brings in great healing. The Manual for Level 2 covers attachements, soul retrieval, reclaiming your power, more.

Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program Level 3

Master the Master Level allows you to pass the attunements on to others, and continues strengthening your bond with Mother Earth and Spirit. It also opens your third eye 6th chakra, and crown 7th chakra, so that your psychic abilities are enhanced through connecting to your psychic self. There is also a strengthening of the 2nd chakra which is the seat of physical instincts. The Level 3 Master Manual covers meditation, healing, herbs and stones, visions, imprinting, enhancing intuition and instincts, Nature magick, living in harmony, and more!

Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program - Master Level-$45.00

You will receive the Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program Master Manual via Email, 3 Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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