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Magickal Lightworker Program

Founder: Linda Colibert

Magickal Lightworker Program is very intensive, with 6 attunements to connect you to Angels, Fairies, Dragons, Goddess, Your Higher self, and Guides. You will receive a manual for each of these.

You will also receive a manual teaching the 12 Universal Laws and how to work with them. You will learn Magickal Lightwork, which is the combination of Magick and Lightwork.

Included in the manuals are meditations, easy to use spells, and basic rituals, it is a combination of reiki and magick. These attunements are a part of the Magickal Lightworker Program and may not be purchased individually.

The Magickal Lightworker Program is Reiki with a magickal flair! This is a fun program, easy to use, and very helpful in all areas of your life, and every attunement in this program is new and channeled by Linda Colibert in 2008, specifically for the Magickal Lightworker Program. Anyone can learn it, however, you should have some understanding of working with reiki energies, preferably (but not required) be a reiki master, or kundalini master. You will receive a main 37 page manual to this energy system which explains in detail the 12 universal laws, working with energies, and lots more.

You will also receive 6 separate manuals with an attunement for each manual on Your Higher self, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, Goddess, and Guides.

You will receive 6 separate attunements, one for each of these. Upon completion you will receive a emailed certificate so that you can pass this system onto others.

Magickal Lightworker Program- Master Level-$150.00

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