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Temple Of Empowerment

Magickal Force Of Kalasha

Founded By Hari

Kalasha is considered a symbol of abundance and "source of life" in the Vedas. It is referred to as "overflowing full vase" in the Vedas.

The Kalasha is believed to contain amrita, the elixir of life, and thus is viewed as a symbol of abundance, wisdom, and immortality.

Magickal Force Of Kalasha was channeled to infuse Divine energy and re-programming your energetic body to become an abundance magnet.

You will have a powerful magnetic field around you to attract windfalls, attract money, and financial blessings from all directions.

Magickal Force Of Kalasha helps to synchronize you and the law of attraction.

So besides become an abundance magnet, you will also attracts all good and beautiful things, and make you easily to receive any wonderful gifts from the Divine.

Magickal Force Of Kalasha is also assist you to have a strong connection with the Divine, Higher Self and higher beings to more fully explore and understand the universal and spiritual knowledge, awaken your spiritual wisdom, intuitive awareness and highest potential within you.

You will receive the original pdf manual sent electronically by email and 1 distant attunement via chi ball method.

Once you have received the attunement you are able to pass it on to others.

Magickal Force Of Kalasha- Master-$35.00

You will receive the Magickal Force Of Kalasha Master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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