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Magical Nature Reiki

Magical Nature Reiki teaches that Mother Earth is the soul of our Planet.

She has a Consciousness, Chakra System and a Aura of her own.

All peoples of our planet should try to achieve together as a healing and raising our vibrations to reach Ascension.

Mother Earth and her nature kingdoms hold such magic and wisdom.

As we tune into her energies, it brings us powerful healing, peace, love and spiritual enlightenment.

There are many nature beings that work within Mother Earths Realms, such as: Fairies, Elves, Tree Spirits, Gnomes, and Sylphs.

All of them hold much love and light and are always ready to be of assistance for humans in helping with healing and spiritual growth.

Magical Nature Reiki has been developed to help us gain a deep connection to Mother Earth, her Nature Kingdoms and Nature Beings.

This form of reiki will help in many ways, such as:

Ascension Spiritual Growth
Healing & Clearing
Raising Your Vibration
Connecting to Mother Earth Connecting
Connecting to your Nature Spirit Guides
Clairvoyance to see the Nature Beings
Clear away negative thought programming
Connect to Past Lives that hold knowledge of Nature
Raise your consciousness Help to ground your Spiritual Energies

Magical Nature Reiki-Master Level-$19.00


You will receive the correct Magical Nature Reiki Master Attunements - and correct PDF manual via Email, and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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