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Love and Peace Alignment

Founded by: Stephen Lovering, Lesley Williams

The founders during a development session with Zapharel went on an amazing journey where they received further connections with his energies.

The Love and Peace Alignment was firstly given to Stephen and then shortly afterwards to Lesley they were guided to share this energy with all who choose to receive it with the hope of reducing anger, hate and negativity in the world and replacing it with unconditional love and peace.

The Love and Peace Alignement is an energetic connection with the energies of Seraph Zapharel which will assist you in your daily life and enable you to send love and peace to people around you and also worldwide.

Feelings of anger and hurt are felt by us all and this attunement will help you to replace these feelings with calm thoughts and love and peace.

The energy can be used to help yourself, people around you or on a worldwide basis - Sending love and peace to the world can only help to make it a better place for us all to live together in harmony.

Love and Peace Alignment-Master-$45.00

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