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Life Force

Founded By Ole

The most"physical lifeforce of the elements. Lifeforce Earth Element makes it easier to access higher planes as it anchors us to the physical plane.

Further good for those who are flighty by nature.

Also good as support in healing sessions, when dealing with physical ailments.

This attunement is provided mostly for it is energy and not so much for providing healing techniques.

Increase your life force with this important attunement!

Life Force Master-$17.00

Life Force Audio

Lifeforce is the fuel for our vitality and wellbeing! Many times when we feel down it is actually because we have a lack of lifeforce. Often just by increasing the lifeforce level we can change our mood almost instantly!

Lifeforce is to us what fuel is to a car. If the tank is empty, you will get nowhere, no matter how much intention you have. This applies to goals, manifestation, happiness, the daily chores, health etc.

Lifeforce is the foundation for everything. It's highly intelligent and will automatically convert to the specific energy needed in the body.

You do not need to use this attunement for healing purposes. Many will take this with the sole purpose of increasing their own lifeforce. This will happen just by receiving it, even though you do not actively use it.

High quality mp3 audio attunement and course notes with simple instructions on healing and passing on the attunement.

Life Force Audio Master-$22.00

Both Life Force & Life Force Audio Attunement Masters--$32.00

Victor: The attunement of life force really kicked in--my lungs expanded so far and wide. It took 6 hours but it really worked well. The Turquoise flame worked well in my brain--so far up and all over. I have become so calm and feeling more emotions very slowly. Thanks for sending the powerful attunements that I needed. Sincerely Daryl

Hello Sri Victor, Hope all is well! I completed the Life Force (with Audio) Attunement and it was a beautiful and intense energy. Fantastic experiences which lasted well over an hour! Amazing workshop that all Reiki Healers should add to their practice because it would enhance their ability to provide Life Force to the healing. Thank you again for all you do and for these many life changing workshops. We are all blessed to have you and all the many workshops here to assist with our own and humanitys evolution! Many Regards and Blessings always, Sal

You will receive the correct Lifeforce Attunement manual or audio via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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