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Lemurian Energetic Blueprints Initiations


"Heart Felt Oneness Is Your Destiny"

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Lemurian Energetic Blueprint Workshop!

We are excited about the opportunity to have to serve you with these powerful Initiations.

It is our hope Workshop will awaken your soul and inspire you to live the best life possible.

The Lemurians are an advanced energy consciousness that is existing in the higher frequencies.

Sometimes the Lemurians lower their vibrations to have third dimensional experiences.

In Lemurian Energetic Blueprints Initiations, you will receive foundational Attunements to raise your human conscousness.

You will be Intiated into and receive advanced meditations for your spiritual unfoldment!

Lemurian Energetic Blueprints Initiations Workshop does not present any physical theories concerning the Lemurians but its goal is to give you powerful Empowerments to return your soul to the "Sea of Consciousness"!

This Workshop presents new Lemurian Initiations of light.

This Lemurian Workshop contains metaphysical knowledge and connections to the flow of the collective unconsciousnes which give us the Blueprints that comprise our reality.

Conventional wisdom speaks of the continent of Lemuria sinking into the sea but this is a metaphor that means, "to move your consciousness from one reality to another."

Lemurian vibrational energies are encoded and stored in Diamond Blueprints that you will receive Initiations to.

These Initiations will spiral their energetic codes into your body and consciousness!

You will also receive a special Intiation to a powerful Lemurian energetic vortex that is located under Mount Shasta.

You will receive the Lemurian Third Eye intiation and special meditation that will expand your total vibration.

The Lemurian consciousness is right here and stronger than ever!

Lemurian Energetic Blueprints Initiations-Practitioner-$125.00

Hi Victor My Friend Thank You! It was real amazing! I see fog it's like a fog in the peaks of mountains the colors of blue and brown heart initiation I see cross or ankh shining like star in my mind the words that come are lemurian DNA activation and kundalini shakti initiation a cross swirl anti clock wise in back of my heart chakra going deeper cross in circle amazing powerful shining like star move in circle the light increase bright shining, blue light beings tall and slim like crystals shining you are ancient one is what they say they beam love pure love lemuria is raising you will remember everything. The next all I felt was expansion expansion like a diamond bright enter my heart open it expansion expansion the words are learn to attune to lemurian time zone I felt like I went into lemurian times if I continue I will see thier life in other dimension. Than it was softer energy but going deeper the lemurian codes inside you they say. The end a triangle and circle native tribes I thought my body become blue in few moments during the meditation. I enjoy so much! The chi balls where full and vibrating. I was so happy I love it so much many blessings love light and peace -Ofira

Hi, The attunements were beautiful. I feel so balanced and peaceful and very connected to the Lemurian frequency of peace and love. Thank you Victor.From my heart to yours, Margaret

You will receive theLemurian Energetic Blueprints Initiations manual via Email, 3 Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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