Temple Of Empowerment

Lemurian Facilitator

Learn how to facilitate the Lemurian Temple Initiation.

Learn how to facilitate Dimensional Resonance Activation.

Learn how to facilitate the Dimensional Resonance Alignment.

Learn how to facilitate all other types of Lemurian Empowerments.

The Lemurian Vibrations can also be helpful with soul healing & the releasing of karmic ties.

This Initiation may also be important for those with previous Lemurian connections.

Lemurian Facilitator Master-$35.00

Hi Victor - The Attunements were great. Thank You and see you soon-JK

Good evening, Victor, I thought I would share my experience of the Lemurian Facilitator energy yesterday. It was quite potent, very clear. I kept sensing this blue energy and had to remind myself, repeatedly, that I was not receiving the Blue Star energy. But, afterward, I reread the manual you sent and realized it was the Lemurians sending the blue! That was cool. I also shifted something in my upper left thigh that had been painful for years. It still hurts, because of the release, but it is gone. The energy - it was almost as though they said, "finally!" It wasn't that I was resisting; I simply didn't know, until I connected through your site, that they were available for connecting with. They are quite loving - much more so than I expected! And, in some ways, it's hard to accept, for lack of a better word. I, obviously, don't have the words to describe this right now. When I do, I'll share more. But, a connection has definitely been established. Thank you for facilitating this for us! Love and blessings, Kirsty

Dear Teacher, First, let me thank you for guiding me on my way to this journey. I felt during the two attunements that my whole body was warm, with 'wave' and 'vibrating'. After the Lemurian Attunement, I took a rest for 5 minutes, opened the window to breath in fresh air and drank a glass of water. Both attunements were really wonderful! Again, please accept BIG THANKS from me. Edgar

Hi Victor, woke up at four in the morning feeling like something entered my body in the back of my neck. Later I sit for meditation to get the lemurian attunment and here is my experience: I felt a ball of light around my hands and energy in my heart. Especially the back heart chakra and back of neck. I saw a woman with wings like a butterfly moving around me and than a native american young woman appear wearing brown dress. much light, O

You will receive the Lemurian Master Level manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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