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Lady Portia - Goddess of Opportunity and Justice

Founder: Eileen "El" Brooks

Qualities: Balance, Justice, Light and Dark, Karmic Debt

Lady Portia holds the energy of justice in balance for us. This is particularly apparent at this time in humanities spiritual evolution, when we are re-birthing the Divine Feminine and the new Divine Masculine energies.

Lady Portia assists in keeping our energies balanced.

The energy of Portia is often misunderstood as she holds both the light and the dark in balance.

She is a very mysterious Master and her energy very much brews and bubbles under the surface.

She is a Keeper of the Divine Mothers platinum fires bringing purity and balance with this flame energy.

She is a keeper of Justice in the spiritual sense of balancing the Divine Plan in this reality and creating opportunities for balancing karma in our lives.

Lady Portia can be called upon to balance your energies and to assist in any karmic matters. She can be called upon to align you with your feminine power and with the Divine Mother.

Lady Portia - Goddess of Opportunity and Justice -
Free With ANY Workshop You Take-No Attunement-$12.00

You will receive the Lady Portia - Goddess of Opportunity and Justice manual via email. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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