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Kundalini Tummo ©

"You Are The Bolt Of Power!" ~Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

The original practice of Tummo came from the Tibetan Naropa.

They were a set of instructions that guided the adept to enlightenment.

Also known as "Mystic Fire or Kundalini," Tummo is described as intense sensations of body heat.

This body heat can lead to healing of emotional blocks to pave the way to enlightenment!

When the correct channels are opened in your body, your intuition, clarity, insight and wisdom are greatly expanded.

The psychic heat promotes the flow of Kundalini energy that will connect you with your higher self for guidance and inspiration.

Your powers of healing are also greatly enhanced!

Kundalini Tummo Workshops presents a classic Tummo technique enhanced by a karma clearing empowerment plus heart activations!

Kundalini Tummo Workshop also attunes certain minor charkas that lead to a balancing of the 4 main charkas, leading to a much smoother flow of energies!

You are Attuned to these 6 minor charkas and given a special technique to activate these charkas which has the added benefit of balancing your main meridians.

Kundalini Tummo Workshop goals are for the Adept taking this course to gain feelings of calmness, joy, peace and love!

This is a very advanced Workshop and should only be undertaken by advanced Adepts.

There are 10 remarkable Initiations, including:

Secret Fire circuit Initiations
Supreme Bliss Initiation
Great Bliss Initiation
Tummo Kundalini 3rd Eye Initiation.

Kundalini Tummo-Practitioner-$245.00

Hi, Victor Kundalini Tummo is great workshop, just amazing. Only one week into it and its just wonderful There was a great experience, few days a go, As I was working with the Initiations and doing the techniques, at one moment I was picked up by someone in is arms, carried me like a baby. So much energy so much power so wonderful. I love this workshop, I Already feel that many blockages are removed from the physical and energetic bodies. Many thanks and many blessings, Peco

You will receive the Kundalini Tummo - Manual via Email, ALL Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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