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Kundalini Reiki Advanced

"Moment to Moment May Your Soul Radiate Divine Beauty!" -Victor


Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Kundalini Reiki Regular Version

Kundalini Reiki Advanced Version is the prerequiste for Kundalini Reiki Boosters Advanced Version, Golden Shakti and Maha Golden Shakti.

Kundalini Reiki Advanced Version contains three special Attunements not found in the regular version.

These special Attunements are the basis for a balanced and safe Kundalini flow.

These special Attunements are also the basis of a balanced and happy life.

These special Attunements are the building blocks of human existance!

Spiritual Awakening Network

Kundalini Reiki Advanced-$95.00


Hi Victor-Thank you for the extra attunements today. They were lovely and I'm still feeling very blissed out. Afterwards I went and lay down and just thought about the heart attunement. The feeling in my heart just got stronger and warmer until I could see a swirling gold liquid then a beautiful warm heat started to flow down my back. I went into what I can only describe as a deep trance like state for an hour or so.

I only returned when a huge electrical current shot through my middle finger on my left hand. It felt like I'd stuck my finger in a power socket. The cracking sound it made was enough to startle the cat! Unfortuntely I then had to go to work so I had to try and tone down the experience.

I've been floating around all day. With thanks, EM

Victor, I wanted to tell you that last week I had an actual Kundalini awakening. I was listening to a New age group called "VAS" and I became "intoxicated" I had come to the point that I would do a Kundalini meditation daily and focus on the phrase, "Kundalini Reiki" everytime I had a negative thought. My wife knew I was really having a spiritual experience because I do not drink and I wasn't forcing my adreniline to pump- like is done in Pentocostal worship services and like religious groups. I was oddly reminded of being "drunk in Spirit."

I then began to realise that thoughts and feelings themselves or the energy we pick up and that they are to be veiwed from a neutral point of veiw. They are not us and we use them to guide us and to know what the environment in saying to us. Using Kundalini Reiki to filter the illusions that I was holding onto; I became intoxicated with bliss.

A kundalini awakening to me is just as important as any rite of passage. It means that light is shining through me and I am able to share that light with others. I wanted to share this with you. Advanced Kundalini Reiki is a gift because it seems to be an energy that has the capacity to channel and bring the good out in the world and the reality we live in. A kundalini awakening is centering and when done through spiritual discipline it does not cause insanity but instead it brings sanity and health to the person that practices it and believes in it. CD

Victor, I am so gratefull to have met you, it so inspiring that there is some like u who has such abilities and have dedicated his life for such a noble purpose. Great Love and Light-namaste-Izziddin

Dear Victor, the advanced attunement was intense and great. I am impressed about all the energy work you have done. On the phone you come across as just another guy from north carolina. there is an old zen poem which says before enlightenment i tilled the field with my ox during enlightenment i studied and meditated. after enlightenment i tilled the field with my ox- in other words okay now, back to work! Rob

Hi-Thank you, I feel more integrated with these attunements in my soul-Ramon

Hi Victor, Hope all is well! I have been working with the three Attunements over the last week and have been having breakthroughs all week, am looking forward to the next level. Mucho Mahalos, Stacy

Victor, My life has been changed for the better forever!-1,000,00 Thank Yous, John

Hi Victor, Thank you so much for the attunements. They were amazing.I had several color shows and the last one I seen peolpe whcih isn't unusual but this time the first on didn't seem human he glowed and ther was another one who had a head shaped like a human but it was mostly blue,he had human features but his skin was more like large scales or plates. Not scary but serene, it was great. Thank you for your blessing and may your life be filled with Love and Light!!! Blessings Dave

Hi Victor, My attunements were great! I'm blissed out every night when I do self treatments. I set a timer and did all of my attunements same day in 15 min. sets. My experience was calm. I had a vision of flying over water. I had another vision of flying straight up into space. The new energy flow feels like a more textured vibration almost like quick pulsing from my hands through my body. Anywho, thank you for my attunements! I really enjoy them. Love, Carmen

Sir, I thank you for your kind attuning the kundalini reiki advanced. I had good first time and on second time it was mild third time also mild. Syed

Hi Victor! Thank you for the Kundalini reiki advanced attunements and manual! The first attunement was great, and I felt that something in my auric field started opening up. Thank you very much! Many blessings, HaE

Hi Victor, thank you so much for reactivating. I completed 2 & 3 a couple days ago. It was powerful yet soothing as always. At first, I felt resistant in getting the advanced elixir and literally felt discomfort on my heart area. So I took time to let it flow (first day 5 min, next day 10 min, etc). Now I am feeling that my heart is expanding and breaking open energetically. Thank you very much for sharing your gift and service. Have a great day! HaE

Thank you! I accepted and received my Attunements. Just simply beautiful and I am grateful. It was such a beautiful experience. Have a beautiful and blessed weekend! Leigh

Good morning Victor, Did all 3 Kundalini Reiki Advanced Attunements, wonderful energy and brought calming experiences. Thank you for all your support and the wonderful workshops, Attunements and healing! Have a wonderful day and thanks again for everything! Many Blessings, Sal

You will receive the Kundalini Reiki Advanced version Manual via Email, All Empowerments, emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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