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Kundalini Crystal Shakti

"These Attunements When Activated- Can Led To Happiness!" -Victor

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Kundalini Crystal Shakti energies are very sophisticated as they can be used to explore your deepest parts.

Activation of the Kundalini Crystal Shakti energy at the time of Initiation is instantaneous but it usually takes around 21 days for it to come in completely.

After your Attunement, you will be empowered to charge any crystal with "Kundalini Crystal Shakti."

This means you will be able to activate this Shakti and place it into any type crystal for your benefit.

You will also be able to charge water with this special energy!

This Shakti activates a small part of the pranic and chitta kundalini energies to a high degree in a profound yet completely safe manner.

You will also learn a simple but very powerful meditation for reaching higher stages of spiritual unfoldment!

Kundalini Crystal Shakti-practitioner-$55.00

Victor, I had an amazing experience with the first attunement in Kundalini Crystal Shakti. I was holding two pieces of Himalayan Quartz in each hand while I accepted the attunement, and during the meditation my consciousness extended beyond my body and I went flying! I really felt how I was a part of everything and could merge with the energy of trees, rocks, etc. it was a feeling of ecstasy. Later in the night I woke up and energy was circulating between my third eye and my heart in a circular motion, very rapidly. Then all of a sudden every single chakra, and ones higher than my head and lower than my feet, started spinning and I could feel the spinning of each one in harmony like they were all being tickled with a feather. A feeling of joy exploded into my heart chakra and my solar plexus experienced a wave of pleasure so intense that I started laughing with so much happiness. My energy body was vibrating so intensely that I no longer felt my physical body. This morning I woke up in so much peace, fully cleansed. Thank you Victor.

Hi Victor -Good evening?? I have received the Kundalini Crystal Shakti attunement today and received well. Felt powerful! Thank you so much, Kind regards - Sree

You will receive the Kundalini Crystal Shakti Manual via snail mail, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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