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Kava Reiki

A Brand New Reiki System, that focuses on the love, compassion and communication rays of Reiki. Kava Reiki was founded by Rosemary Feld (also known as Lazufare) in 2002.

Kava Reiki will assist in your spiritual growth and development, opening you to more of your potential and connecting you to more of who you truly are at a very deep heart level.

Kava Reiki is a direct communication with the "well of compassion" cradled within the human heart. Its nature is soothing and not confrontational so therefore it is a beautiful energy with which to restore balance to ones personal emotional issues and events.

Kava Reiki focuses on the love and compassion rays of Reiki and is a very powerful heart-centered healing energy.

Kava Reiki consists of 4 base levels, each level layering upon the next. With each successive attunement there comes a profound healing within the very core of your spiritual heart space, ultimately displaying a strengthening of connection with your own source essence.

The Master/Teacher level or 5th level prepares to share this wonderful energy with others.

You will receive 5 attunements given at least 7 days apart, 2 manuals containing all levels, a Master Teacher certificate suitable for framing with lineage. Complete instructor support is offered during and after the course.

Kava Reiki Master-$150.00

You will receive the correct Kava Reiki Manuals via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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