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Temple Of Empowerment

Jade Fox Courses

By Stewart Farquharson

*Akashic Angels- Boof Of Changes

*Alien Aura Devices Reiki- Remove Alien Devices

*Angels of Defiance- Strength, courage

*Amulets of Kemet Attunement- Beautiful stone charms from Egypt bring blessing, health and success.

*Biological Aura Attunement- Contact the invisible microbes that support your aura.

*Bone Lotion Attunement- Soothe your spine, reduce aching backs.

*Cippus of Horus Attunement- A charm from Isis the Mother goddess of Egypt.

*Coco de Mer Attunement- Nature empowerment to the coco-de-mer tree of Seychelles.

*Colors Of Fairies

*Coral Atoll Attunement- Nature empowerment to the life of a coral island.

*Crystal Skulls Attunement- Funny but factual crystal skull energy.

*Creative Tantra Attunement- Bring flow to your energy channels.

*Dark Angel Stone- Brings issues to the surface in a gentle way

*Diamond Himalaya Attunement- Become a Himalayan Facilitator.

*Dhuni Reiki Attunement- Find your pure self wandering India.

*Dolphin Stones of MU Attunement- Lemurian energy manual.

*Dragon Egg Reiki Attunement- Hatch a mystical astral dragon.

*Eagle of Samothrace Attunement- Male Mysteries of old Greek island.

*Ethereal Thief Attunement- Gypsy faery folk.

*Fear Disorders Reiki Attunement- How to use energy to help psychological patients.

*Gates of Ra Attunement- From Egypt the story of Ra's journey at night.

*Gnostic Rose Attunement- The story of the Cathar heretics and a loving noblewoman.

*Grandmaster Ascension Attunement- Grandmaster Reiki supplement one with Qi Gong and Grids.

*Grandmaster Cedar Temple Attunement- Grandmaster Reiki supplement three with Cedar energy.

*Grandmaster Five Element Attunement- Grandmaster Reiki supplement two with Five elements.

*Hawkweed- Cold Remedy *Heron and Egret Attunement- Nature empowerment to the birds Herons and Egrets.

*Humble Fairy Herbs- Gentle energy of three fairy-blessed flowers

*Indigo Kids Attunement- New Age belief about Indigo children evolving.

*Light Codes of Ambrosia - Work with helpful galactic beings

*Lineage Tune Up Attunement- Keep your reiki lineage strong and flowing well.

*Lucky Hoodoo Reiki

*Lullaby Reiki Attunement- Get better sleep with the energy of a song.

*M92 star cluster reiki Attunement- Contact the distant stars of M92 and introduce yourself.

*Mithras Smiles Attunement- The male mysteries of the Roman legions' god Mithras.

*Navigator Angels of the Orbs- Helpful Angels

*Nine Witches - Psychological and spiritual growth

*Noisy Neighbors Reiki

*Ocean Hand Drum Attunement- Part Dolphin energy and part hand drumming lesson.

*Orgone Diffuser

*Pachamama Aura Attunement- South American Shaman energy. Mother Earth Pachamama.

*Pale Green Muscovite Empowerment

*Paws and Butterflies Attunement- Mystic South America with jaguars and butterfly energy.

*Polar Sky Attunement- Explore the atmosphere above the north pole and angels.

*Sand Empowerment Attunement- Nature empowerment to sand.

*Seven Acorns Attunement Reiki- Empowerment for Gay Men.

*Seven Lucky Gods of Japan- Success, good luck, prosperity, joy, wisdom and long life

*Seven Ascendants of Sotaril- Call in secret energies using gemstones

*Sexual Antler Reiki- Nature's Edge

*Softly Kundalini Attunement- Common sense guide to Kundalini and gTummo.

*Starseed Bundle- Mystery & guidance in the new age phenomenon known as Starseeds

*Steady There Teddybear- Simple reiki energy for children & adults

*Te Exorciso Attunement- Use energy to disperse negative beings you meet.

*Templar Troubador Attunement- The story of the Knights Templars and Minstrels.

*The Light Codes of Ambrosia- Ambrosia is a gathering-place in the galactic dimensions.

*The Mystic Climb Attunement- Kaballa energy of the Mediterranean as you feel it.

*Tibetan Sunrise Attunement- A mystic pilgrimage through Tibet with good energy.

*Vajrasattva Bronzedragon Attunement- A ritual energy to remind us of True Self.

*Water and Stones Attunement- Yin and Yang energy makes beauty. Nature energy.

*Whale Spiral Song Attunement- Whale songs and the galaxy. *Who Am I Reiki

Stewart Farquharson Courses - Master-$12.00- Each
Email me & give me the name of the course above you want to take!

Stewart Farquharson 10 Courses-Masters-$75.00-Any 10 Courses
Email me & give me the names of the 10 courses you want to take!

You will receive the correct Jade Fox Manual master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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