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Humkara With Haleem

Humkara with Haleem is a simple, easy, quick & very powerful healing technique. In Humkara with Haleem, Prana energy is projected and directed in a systematic and balanced way, so that it implants the energy in the five sheaths of the body. This helps to reprogram the energy body and aura.

Humkara with Haleem was a part of Lama Fera but later on separated and was taught as a standalone modality.

Humakara symbol is made by combining vibrations of 3,800 mantras whereas Haleem symbol is made by combining vibrations of 1,340 mantras. Making it one of the most unique and powerful modality for mental and spiritual growth.

Humkara with Haleem is a simple, efficient, and fast technique for rejuvenating human brain cells, memory capacity, and creating energies to complete even the most difficult task. It also clears all harmful negative energies, releases unwanted chords and attachments, activates the Brahma Nadi, aids in the rise of Prana energy, helps in achieving targets, and manifestation of goals.

Benefits of using Humkara with Haleem:

To increase focus and concentration
To create peace and harmony in relationships
Protection against all diseases causes due to mental stress
Clearing Aura
Bringing clarity in thoughts
Enhancing brain capacity
*There is no prerequisite for learning Humkara with Haleem.

Humkara With Haleem Master Level-$75.00

You will receive the Humkara with Haleem Master Manual via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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