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Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy Levels 1-3

Created by Daniela Dahl

- Attain Divine and Perfect Health, to express Self without Boundaries, Expand Your Light -

The Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy is the ethereal form of the Aura-Soma system that was developed by Vicky Wall in 1983.

The Aura-Soma products developed by her contain energetic information of three natural realms: The realm of plants, the realm of minerals and the realm of light and color.

Every one of the 11 color rays contains specific messages for body, mind and soul. They balance out disharmonies in these areas, fill ethereal holes, give impulses and support overall growth and well-being.

Every emotional, mental and physical state expresses itself as a vibration. Within the Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy, plant essences, herbal essences and mineral essences vibrate and manifest in the form of colors. Color makes the fields of vibration visible.

Through Color Therapy, we can recognize our potentials that we need to look at right NOW. What are our stumbling blocks keeping us from tapping our full potential? Where do we have deficient energy resulting in lack of wellbeing, crisis, blockages and even illness showing in the physical, emotional and mental areas.

The Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy is a mediator of subtle energies and messengers. The Equilibrium oils, Quintessences and Pomanders help you and your whole being to attain divine and perfect health, to express yourself without boundaries and to expand your light in accordance with the divine consciousness.

Level 1: Equilibrium oils

Equilibrium means balance. This Aura-Soma emulsion consists of 50% spring water and 50% essential oils which are being used on the body. Up until now, 110 Equilibrium oils exist and the quantity will increase as the Earth and the resulting consciousness process of human beings further raise their vibration. The Equilibrium oils mainly balance out the disharmonies on the physical and soul levels.

Level 2: Pomander

The Aura-Soma Pomander mainly support the protection of the aura, close existing energy leaks and act on physical symptoms or states depending on their color. The color ray answers to the message coming from the soul or the inner conflict which needs to be solved. We are much better able to respond to life’s challenges with an intact aura, are protected against negative outside influences and the chakras can work perfectly according to their color and give us a sufficient amount of energy. They take care of an intact spiritual immune system.

Level 3: Quintessences

The Aura-Soma Quintessences, also called Master Essences, mainly support meditation, prayer and reflection. They strengthen our Intuition and our perceptibility of inner guidance. Every Quintessence carries the energy of a so-called Master who gives us spiritual impulses for our growth, health and happiness in life.

The energy of the Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy automatically responds to the needs of the recipient on the physical, mental and soul level and answers with the suiting energy mix of Equilibrium oils, Pomander and Quintessences in order to re-establish balance on these levels.

In order to support your well-being on the physical/material level, I recommend to keep on using your Aura-Soma products as usual.

The Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy understands itself as a wonderful addition to the existing Aura-Soma Products.

Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy Levels 1-3 - Master-$250.00

You will receive the Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy Levels 1-3 master manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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