High Magick Angels

"Your High Magick Angels Love You
and Will Help You!" ~Victor

High Angel Message

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

The goal of High Magick Angels Workshop is to present dynamic Empowerments and techniques so you are able to connect effectively & completely to your "High Magick Angels"!

The current incarnation of the High Magick Angels goes back to the beginning of time. High Magick Angels secrets were nearly lost many times down through the ages but the truth is eternal!

High Magick Angels teachings went from the Sumerians, Babylonians to Egypt and ended up in India and eventually found its way to Tibet and to America

The High Magick Angels energies were activated in Tibet and in the Zen Temples of Japan.

Each culture hid the basic understanding of High Magick Angels by interweaving them with their traditional deities and customs.

The High Magick Angels will help you with physical healing as well as your individual awakening and enlightenment!

There are 6 remarkable Empowerments/Shaktis in this Workshop including:

  • HMA Electrical Field Shakti
  • HMA Auric Force Field RNA-DNA Shakti

  • HMA 3rd Eye Shakti & Technique

  • HMA Lunar Shakti (Very Special)

  • HMA SA SHAKTI & Technique

  • HMA for assecesing the Akasa Records & Technique

  • High Magick Angels Initiation (One of the Most Important Initiations you can ever receive)

High Magick Angels-Practitioner-$175.00

Hi Victor, Thom and I were working with the High Magick Angels and we had an incredible experience. The energies were so strong and powerful. This is a wonderful workshop for the adept who is looking to increase his power and abilities. I think this workshop is a steal at the price you are offering it at! Namaste Gary

Hi, This Workshop has changed my life. The teachings are blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Julie

Hi Victor, The HMA workshop is great, its a new type energy for me and very vigilant. I had so many visions and adventures its just wonderful, but the important part is that the energy is excellent, makes me so relaxed and almost instantly puts a smile on my face, its priceless! The HMA Initiation was an experience that I never had so far. I got showered with golden drops of energy. The angels were here, there is no words to explain it. I ascended very high and saw stars and some planet. I was taken to a place to meet a Gentleman, he was playing with a small kid in his backyard both of them dressed in long white dresses, the power and the amount of the energy increased instantly. I just love it, two hours of it. I feel in time there's more great things to come from this workshop. Have a lots of good days and good light, Peco

Hi Victor, All your workshops are great, full of Light and knowledge Thanks for sharing them with us. I liked a lot the High Magik Angels Attunements. They were beautiful! I wish you a thousand blessings, Light and Harmony for 2011! Juan Carlos

Hi Victor ! Just a thank you for these lovely attunements, very gentle and subtle, very angelic energy! i always appreciate your what you do and am always looking forward to the next one! this one I feel very relaxed with! Much appreciated! Kevin

You will receive the High Magick Angels Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

Vic- Thanks for the Angel of Wisdom Initiations! I have so much more happiness and clarity since taking the 5 angel workshops since April! I received the attunements last night and woke up this AM with an "Ah ha" moment about an issue that I have had for months! Amazing! I am very grateful for all the workshops and your part in them. Thank you!!! Melody

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