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Higher Lights Protection

Created by Argandini Titsari

Higher Lights Protection supports you in making a radical shift from fear andthe defensiveness that emanates from it to Unconditional Love and theknowledge there is nothing to fear and no requirement for protection.It supports you in discovering the security inherent in knowing nothing of value can be threatened and/or lost.

All things of spiritual significance are changeless and invulnerable. The experience of attack, as perpetrator or victim, is merely a reflection of the pre-existing battles waged by the ego/personality. Higher Light Protection supports you in developing the spiritual mastery that allows you to experience the challenges of life without succumbing to fear.

Higher Lights Protection is also used to Deflect or Absorb the negativity of others, and in that way is an excellent light energy for protection from negative forces and influences. It helps us to absorb whateverenergy we need from the Universe.

The Higher Lights Protection has 3 kinds attunements and protections, each protections has different benefits that you will found by yourself in your practices with them. The 3 protections are:

Silver Light Protection
Golden Light Protection
Purple Flame Protection

You will receive 3 distant attunements by chi ball, 1 pdf manual and 1 certificate.

Higher Lights Protection - Master-$45.95

You will receive the Higher Lights Protection manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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