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Hidden Treasure Reiki

Literally since the dawn of history, stories have been told of searches for hidden treasure.

That treasure may not necessarily be the stereotype of riches beyond the dreams of avarice, a pirate chest overflowing with gold and jewels. Probably the oldest surviving story in the world is the Gilgamesh Epic, in which a young man sets out to find eternal life.

There is a Gilgamesh Empowerment by the writer of this manual available in the LightWorker Series.

Even so, Gilgamesh was probably not the first to make such a quest nor, certainly, was he the last. Hidden Treasure Reiki as a full system, up to level of Master / Teacher and includes three distant attunements given in either real time or chi ball it can also be received as a complete system.

There are no rigid rules being imposed.

It is probably an advantage to have taken Usui Reiki at least up to Level 2, but this is not a precondition.

Nor is it necessary to take all three levels of Hidden Treasure Reiki.

Hidden Treasure Reiki-Master-$15.00


You will receive the Hidden Treasure Reiki Master Attunements - Master Manual via Email, 3 Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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