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The heart is a symbol of positive emotion. Valentines cards are frequently decorated with hearts. Cupid sends his arrows to the heart! Someone who has suffered a great loss or a betrayal is described as being broken hearted. It is, of course, fascinating to think exactly where our emotions are seated.

We experience them physically in different ways, not just a fast beating heart but sometimes flushed faces, shaking hands and butterflies in the stomach. Whilst conventional medicine has tended to separate physical from mental and assumed that the brain is the only repository for feelings and memories, complementary medicine has followed the traditions of the ancient world and seen the links between body, mind and spirit. There have been documented examples of patients receiving a heart transplant and subsequently inheriting memories or tastes from the deceased donor.

To speak about the heart is to speak of our emotions, feelings, loves and deepest held beliefs. To put ones heart into anything implies a major commitment of ones whole being. The soul is possibly even more difficult to define in a few words. According to many religious and philosophical traditions, it is the element of being self-aware or conscious, of being me, that is unique to each and every human being. It has an existence that is independent of the body and survives death. Within these traditions, the soul is perceived as the inner essence of the person.

In many traditions, the soul is considered to be not only immortal but also pre-existent. Even within the great religious traditions there are wide variations of opinion as to what exactly happens to the soul after death.

The purpose of offering Heart and Soul Reiki is not, however, to enter into a philosophical or theological debate. There are others, much more gifted than me, who can take you in that direction.

Heart and Soul Reiki- Master Level-$17.00

You will receive the Heart and Soul Reiki Master Manual via Email, 3 Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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