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Temple Of Empowerment

Healing Energy for Projection and Projective Identification

Founded By Christiana Kluge

If we want to grow as human beings, our most important task is to remove these blockages. Only then can we become the person we really are deep inside.

What is a projection?

In simple terms, it is a projection when we attribute properties, weaknesses or problems to other people, which we ourselves carry open or hidden inside us.

When we project, we transfer our own issues, fears or concerns to other people.

And the common thing is that we normally do not notice it.

By the way:

Close to others.

One is convinced to have nothing of this property, neither thinks nor feels that way, the theme is good with "the others" and it does not burden you any further, except when you are confronted with them, you are annoyed and irritated.

But where that is not the case, both the cognitive and the emotional part could be projected, the own psyche basks in innocence, the devalued, evil, bad element is parked at someone else's and one would never get the idea it could be your own.

The pure projection is a mature defense mechanism, the projective identification occurs mainly in the context of severe personality disorders.

Again, the cognitive component is projected:

"Not I am aggressive, but the others, I only defend myself."

The difference is that you do not get rid of the emotional part.

In self-living, this means that one feels exactly what the other person intends, how cunning and insidious he is, for the main theme of projective identification are types of aggression and manipulation.

And how bad the other one is, you drag around with you all the time, but here, too, does not come up with the idea that it could be your own aggression that you see: because you feel exactly what the other person wants and thinks and thinks that You can not be fooled and only see the truth a little clearer than anyone else.

The size fantasies that shimmer through here are typical for the level of serious personality disorders.

Those who suffer from it are constantly moving in a climate of aggression and mistrust, power games and control often no longer finds the way out on its own.

The defense mechanisms at this level sometimes increase the problem, setting a vicious circle in motion. That costs psychic energy!

This healing energy helps us free ourselves from these projections and solve our intrapsychic conflicts.

And then feel the blessing that lies in the healing energy of the projection.

You will receive the original pdf manual sent electronically by email and 1 distant attunement via chi ball method.

Healing Energy for Projection-Master-$65.00

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