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Hands of Jesus Attunement

This free attunement (with any course you take) is provided by Alasdair Bothwell Gordon, EdD, of Scotland.

From the manual:

Whilst my own upbringing and background was - and remains - within the mainstream Christian tradition, Jesus (known to some as Sananda) is a person who is wider, deeper, higher and bigger than any church, religion, philosophy or system of belief.

As the late Johnny Cash stated in one of his songs "Jesus was a carpenter and he worked with a saw and a hammer."

Jesus' own hands would have been rough with manual work and yet they had the gentlest healing touch.

His hands were later raised and nailed by his enemies to a wooden cross and yet he prayed that these enemies might be forgiven.

No matter how you personally see God/Goddess/Nature/Highest Force, it is his/her will that we should basically be well.

The "power" God gave to Jesus was passed on to his disciples to be passed on.

You will receive the Hands of Jesus Attunement Manual via Email and One Attunement! Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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