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Gtumo Inti Api Hidup

Gtumo Inti Api Hidup can be used for healing of disease of physical and non psychical ailments

Gtumo Inti Api Hidup can be applied directly and also long distance.

You only need 10 minutes for every level and new practitioners can apply the Inti Api Hidup to others and ownself with only your palms palm.

Inti Api Hidup has 4 levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Personal Master, and Level 4 or Full Master.


  1. Open and activate 3 sources of Gtumo energy, namely Tantien Under, Middle and Top at level Core of Tumo.
  2. Opening and activating all chakra both minor and also major in body
  3. Open and activate third band of energy in body of back and also front
  4. Awaken and activate Kundalini to crown cakra and continue to expand.
  5. Forming protector around body for all negative energy like black magic, gendam, hypnotic, philtra, palette and others.
  6. Improving health of physical body, spiritial body and aura
  7. Improve real awareness in human relation to God
  8. Can heal others and yourself of metaphysics and also physical disease
  9. Clean body aura and improve strength of aura
  10. Can deliver energy long distancely for healing
  11. To clean all negative energy like emotion (angry, hateful, grudge, covet and others)
  12. Improve circulation of prana energy in body either from food, beverage, air, natural and others
  13. Push to reach awareness of soul and do a kindness to life being humanity
  14. Can deliver energy love universal to self and universe
  15. and others

Gtumo Inti Api Hidup - Master-$315.00

You will receive the Gtumo Inti Api Hidup manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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