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Great White Lodge Initiations

Highest Divine Vibrations!

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequisite: Any Advanced Energy Work

Although there are many masters associated with the Great White Lodge, the Great White Lodge is spiritually energetic in nature.

The energetics are a specialized spiritual consciousness of the highest magnitude!

These vibrations have a profound effect on your physical & spiritual bodies.

The Great White Lodge energies are an exalted scale of spiritual energy and their effect activates the Kundalini in the human form.

Requesting to receive the Empowerments in this Workshop involves a deep spiritual commitment on the part of the Adept as the participation in this great process is a scared experience!

Over time your individual consciousness will gradual unite with the energetic consciousness of the Great White Lodge!

Or to put it another way: "The Soul of the individual begins to enter the stream of the The Great White Lodge Divine vibration."

When this slowly takes place there is a great chance for you to have a "Divine Awakening".

Receiving the The Great White Lodge Initiations will take you to deeper levels of unfoldment as you would be receiving a new paradigm of Consciousness.

You will receive Initiations to your Solar Angels. You will receive a special Mandala that when used in conjunction with the included meditiation and Initiations in this Workshop will propel you to great spiritual heights!

Your Solar Angel exists on a multidimensional level so you can connect with The Great White Lodge interdimensionally when activating the provided Initiations!

As you accept and activate these Empowerments, you will become overtime an evolved Soul that will be given membership in the Great White Lodge!

There are 3 remarkable Empowerments in this Workshop including the above and:

Supernal Sanctuary Evolutionary Initiation (life changing)
Plus a a Permanent Atom Initiation (life changing)

Great White Lodges Initiations-Practitioner-$195.00

Hi Victor, I hope everything is fine! I want to thank you for the manual and the attunenments. Today I practiced the meditations and I felt a great flow of energy running through my spine, legs and hands. And very peaceful. I loved it! Thanks again and Blessings! Juan Carlos

You will receive the Great White Lodge Initiations practioneer manual via Email, All Attunements and a Printed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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