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Good Fortune Prosperity Empowerment

Founded By Linda Colbert

In Level 1 you will receive an attunement that clears negativity from DNA, Karma, Chakras, and your Aura that effects your Prosperity, Abundance, and Good Fortune.

You will learn meditations that will help you to continue to clear the negative energies that build up and cling to your energy patterns and block your ability to receive Prosperity and Good Fortune. These meditations will help you to prevent the negative energies from creeping back in and causing the old blocks to return or causing new blocks to your energies that may effect your cash flow and good luck.

In Level 2 you will receive an attunement which will heal the holes left behind by the clearing process. This attunement will fill the empty spaces and help rebuild your energies to repair the damage of negative thought forms and negative energies that have caused your natural energies to be weakened. By healing your DNA, Chakras, Aura, and Karma, you can begin to function in a healthier and more stable way.

In Level 3 you will receive an attunement that draws positive Prosperity and Good Fortune to you.

You will learn meditations for attracting Prosperity and Good Fortune and you will be given exercises you can do on your own to draw in more wealth and good luck.

Good Fortune Prosperity Empowerment- Master Level-$20.00

You will receive the Good Fortune Prosperity - Master Manual via Email, All Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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