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Gods & Goddess Empowerments

To receive a deity empowerment, is to become more aligned with that specific God/Goddess. It is one big Attunement session, where your connection to the Gods/Goddesses below will be strengthened.

This means, that your ability to work and channel the deity, will become much stronger. Anyone can work with the Gods/Goddesses without an empowerment.

But receiving an empowerment can make a difference. If you are sensitive to energies you will most likely notice, that your ability to connect, work and channel the energy of the deity/deities will be much improved. You will bbe Attuned To:


Goddess of mercy and compassion.
Keywords: Agriculture, Writing, Arts and Crafts, Divination, Enchantments, Fertility, Healing, Health, Herbs, home, Inspiration, Love, Magickal Arts, Motherhood, Oracles, Patron of Priestesses, Prophecy, Psychic Abilities, Tarot, Vegetation, music.


God of fertility, life, animals, wealth.
Keywords: Animals, Commerce, Fertility, Healing, Herbs, Journeys, Music, Prophecy, Prosperity, Psychic Abilities, Wine, Woodlands.


Also LUGH, LLEU - A sun god.
Keywords: Architecture, Arts and Crafts, Commerce, Healing, Health, Journeys, Music, Patron of Priests, Regeneration, Solar Magick, Writing.


Goddess of fertility, love and beauty.
Keywords: Beauty, Fertility, Flowers, Happiness, Love, Marriage, Passion, Sexual Activities, Women.

APOLLO God of light, prophecy and music. Keywords: Beauty, Death, Divination, Fertility, Healing, Health, Inspiration, Music. DEMETER

To the Romans, CERES Goddess of grain and the fruitful earth.
Keywords: Women, Agriculture, Blessings, Childbirth, Children, Commerce, Divination, Fertility, Home, Marriage, Motherhood, Protection, Regeneration, Seasons.


God of Spring.
Keywords: Fertility, Happiness, Regeneration.


God of the sun.
Keywords: Abundance, Prosperity, Athletics, Commerce, Communication, Journeys, Merchants, Success.

Kuan Yin

(Kwan Yin) Goddess of mercy and compassion.
Keywords: Calmness, Childbirth, Children, Commerce, Fertility, Healing, Mercy, Motherhood, Patron of Priestesses, Protection, Purification.

Diana Moon Goddess.
Keywords: Animals, Childbirth, Children, Fertility, Freedom, justice, Motherhood, protection, purification, success, women.

Gods & Goddess Empowerments- Master-$75.00

You will receive the Gods & Goddess Empowerments manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.


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