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Goddess Package 2

Goddess Aeracura

By Rosemary Noel

Aeracura is a Celtic and Germanic Goddess who is an Earth Mother, She represents the "blossoming" aspect of ourselves, whether male or female by reminding us that the journey is part of the adventure not just the destination. As too is the process for manifesting, Aeracura reminds us that the key to rapid and efficient manifestation is the enjoyment of the process. Manifest your destiny with Goddess Aeracura Attunements!

Goddess Aeracura - Master-$20.00

Goddess Aine Attunement

By Elizabet Hibel

The Celtic goddess Aine is Fairy Queen of Munster & a moon and a love goddess. The best things to call her upon, or invoke, her is for love spells, fertility, fairy, magick, abundance, prosperity, punishing sex crimes, keeping magical vows (or cryptic honor and promises), revealing faeries, bearing magical children, and leaving unsuitable mates.

Goddess Aine Attunement - Master-$15.00

Goddess Arianrhod Attunement

By Elizabet Hibel

Arianrhod is keeper of the circling Silver Wheel of Stars, a symbol of time and karma. Call on Arianrhod to help you with past life memories and difficulties as well as for contacting the Star People. She is a very sexual goddess who lives in the stellar realm.

Goddess Arianrhod - Master-$13.00

Goddess Bast

By Elizabet Hibel

Bast is the Egyptian Goddess and Protector of cats, woman and children.

She is Goddess of sunrise, love, fertility, birth, music and dance. The manual has magickal information and correspondences, herbs, candle colors and so much more.

Goddess Bast - Master-$19.00

Goddess Baubo

By Rosemary Noel

The Greek Goddess Baubo is an archetypal wild goddess of sacred sexuality, laughter and the belly. Baubo is here to restore, strengthen and center you. Let Baubo bestow upon you the healing energies of laughter to heal you of any sexual wounds and align you with your own sacred womb. Helps you understand your sacred sexuality and experience the power of being shameless and without judgement.

Goddess Baubo Initiation - Master-$19.00

Goddess Blodeuwedd

By Elizabeth Hibel

Blodeuwedd is the Guardian of the Station of Emergence.

Her lesson is reclaiming the True Self.When working with Her Blodeuwedd asks us "Who are you?" Through Her you will gain clarity and wisdom.

She is the white Goddess of Death and Life. Her lesson is reclaiming the true self.

Goddess Blodeuwedd - Master-$12.00

Goddess Cosmic Energy Attunement

Created by Hari Winarso

Goddess Cosmic Energy Attunement energy is for increasing your intuition and sensitivity. It is also used for assistance to become more nurturing, caring, sweet natured and generous in spirit. Also used for bringing light and love and to promote positive feelings. Goddess Cosmic Energy Attunementwill relieve tension, anxiety, stress, anger, depression, insecurity, fatigue, moodinessand will transform negative energy.

Goddess Cosmic Energy Attunement - Master-$21.99

Goddess Dana

By Szafman & Brigitt

Goddess Dana represents the Clan of Family Unity. Goddess of fertility and life. Dana or Danu was the Goddess Mother of the Tribe of the Tuatha of Danann, People of the Goddess Danu or Tribes of Dana

Goddess Dana - Master-$12.00

Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga is Mother of the Universe & represents the infinite power of the universe and is a symbol of a female dynamism. The Devi Mahatmya describes her as a personal savior who will save her devotees from forest fires, wild animals, robbers, imprisonment, execution, and battle, imagine what she can do for you!

Goddess Durga-$20.00-Master Level


Goddess Etain

Goddess Etain helps us to uncover the light within us and helps us remember who we are. If you have forgotten who you are you can call on Goddess Etain and she will remind you. She brings magic and beauty into our lives.

Goddess Etain can help us see the strength within us when we are facing major changes in our lives. This is a wonderful attunement. This manual includes a special gift from the Goddess to help us in all areas of our life from relationships to our career.

Goddess Etain Attunement-Master Level-$20.00

Goddess Freyas Warrior

By: Jay Burrell

Prerequiste: Reiki 2nd degree and/or Kundalini Reiki Master and Thor's Hammer. Through this empowerment you will use a meditation that will guide you through a series of doorways where you must embrace all areas of your life both good and bad to accept them and Embrace that part of yourself for final release. During your attunement Freya will etherically give you your very own sword and shield to aid you in battling with the energies that you are going to be releasing. The Sword which you will be given will be unique for you and will cut away all unwanted karmic cords and connections with people and places that do not serve your highest good.

Your shield will aid you in pushing away and protecting you from these energies as well.

Goddess Freyas Warrior Healing Heart Empowerment
Mastership Workshop-$35.00

Goddess Frigga

By Maria Joao Sereno

Goddess Figga Attunements will help You with: Protection-Health-Softening personalities, making them more sweet-Sexual Magic

Goddess Frigga - Master-$15.00

Goddess Guinevere

Goddess Guinevere brings the energies of beauty and desirability so we can attract love into our lives. She can help us to keep love alive in a romantic relationship. She can lend us qualities such as playfulness and laugher as well as romantic inspirations to keep the flame burning in romantic relationships.

Goddess Guinevere can also be invoked to help us when we are struggling with getting our romantic needs met.

Goddess Guinevere Attunement - Master-$20.00

Goddess Hecate

Each aspect of Hecate helps you with new beginnings, nurturing and protection. Will you take the step towards working with Hecate? Hecate will bring you increased energy.

The Goddess Hecate-Master Level-$22.00

Goddess Isolt

She helps to enhance sexual satisfaction and offers assistance in finding ones soul mate. Naturally she has a very passionate energy which you may perceive as you are attuned to her energies. The manual includes a wonderful technique for manifesting love, programming a stone, a meditation/visualization technique for connecting with the Goddess and an Invocation for her assistance. It is a wonderful attunement with very loving energies.

Goddess Isolt - Master-$22.00

Goddess Lilith

By Rosemary Noel

Goddess of Transformation & Sexual Energy- Discover, explore and attune yourself to the sensuality, eroticism and power of the Goddess Lilith. She is an archetypal power that can be discovered within yourself. May this initiation and empowerment empower you to stand in your own power.It will allow you to fully express your personal freedom and sexual passion. Rise up to strengh and reclaim your own divinity as the Goddess that you are.

Goddess Lilith Attunement - Master-$20.00

Goddess Ma'ate

By Elizabeth Hibel

Invoke Ma'at for issues within the court systems; wisdom is needed in matters of justice.

Goddess Ma'at - Master-$13.00

Goddess Ostara

By Rosemary Noel

Ostara is a dynamic Goddess bursting full of the power of femininity as well as regeneration. She takes the relay of life firmly as the Crone passes it to her!

Ostara is the Goddess of Spring and the new dawn, whose worship goes back to ancient Pagan Teutonic/Saxon cultures. Contemporary Pagans of many paths worship Her at Spring Equinox. This time is a balance of day and night.

Goddess Ostara Initiation - Master-$13.00

Goddess Oya

- Change, Transformation, Psychic Abilites, Divination- Call on Oya anytime you need to be strong and empowered in your life. Invoke for change, strength, leadership, authority, courage, justice, weather spells, ancestors, grief, truth, power, magick, divination, intuition, protection, transformation. Invoke Oya for divination, Magick & Psychic workings, to Increase Money Flow, Justice and Settling Disputes in your Favor, to commune with loved ones who have crossed over, for protection in conflicts, for retribution To bring forth change, for assistance in affairs of the heart.

Goddess Oya-$20.00

Goddess Scathath

From Gabriela & Brigitt

Celtic Warrior & Goddess of Sexuality From Gabriela & Brigitt Goddess whose kingdom was the Isle of Skye (Shadow), which trained young people in arts war and hunting. Scathach taught the techniques of a warrior and also the mysteries of sex. According to the legend, she offered him yhe friendship of her thighs. All Celtic Warriors were known as an angry erotic lovers even being a fearsome enemy. She represents sun sign Capricorn.

Goddess Scathath-$17.00

Goddess Warrior Queen Boudicia Empowerment

By Rosemary Noel

In present times she is regarded as a patriotic heroine, a woman and a leader who stood her ground against foreign invasion. There is a warrior queen which can be found within each of us. The energy of this system brings forth empowerment and courage.. The Warrior Queen is the embodiment of the Divine. She is discerning and acts with integrity. She is steadfast and has a nucleus of peaceful energy to tap into when the going gets tough. When you are at a crossroad in your life, Warrior Queen divine feminie energy will provide courage for you to move forward.

Goddess Warrior Queen Boudicia Empowerment - Master-$17.00

ALL Goddess Workshops - Masters-$250.00
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The morning (10/22/21) I received my Oya Master Attunement I sat with Oya. Later that night my son asked me to do Reiki on his back. My hands were wet so I didn't touch him. He said "why is my back so hot". My hands were burning. I can only give that credit to my OYA MASTER ATTUNEMENT. His back felt better immediately. Normally, he gets a little relief but not completely. Overall I feel empowered, I feel my power has been restored, my faith has been restored. I am grateful. Thank you, Sher

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