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Gifts of Ananchel Reiki Workshop and Attunement

Angel Ananchel brings forward this system to help enhance our receptivity to grace and the Angels so that we can be filled with the many fruits of the Angels such as love, inspiration, wisdom, and bliss.

The energies of this system enhances our ability to surrender situations, persons, things that are out of our control to the Spiritual Realms, resting them in the hands of the Angels and the enormous power of transformation of the Divine.

Gifts of Ananchel Reiki energies will counter and balance issues of shame and need for control, restore our connection to Divine Love, restore feelings of worthiness of Divine love, remove blocks to receiving Divine Love, remove limiting issues with giving and receiving love in our lives, helping us to hold more light, and love ourselves.

Angel Ananchel comes forward to remind us that the Divine is the Source of all Love ? therefore ? there is an Abundant Source which always replenishes. As such, there are no limitations and boundaries other than those we create in our minds.

The energies of this system will remove blockages to the flow of Divine Love so that we are healed of these blockages and any negative effects that they may have caused on any level of our being. This will restore the flow of Divine Love within our hearts and lives so that we are one again with the Divine.

Gifts of Ananchel Reiki Workshop-Master-Level-$20.00


You will receive the Gifts of Ananchel Reiki Workshop- Master Manual via Email, Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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