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Gentle Love

Founder: Rev. Adrienne Leroux Bode

As we sat to receive this blessing we channeled an Ascended Master by the name of Wei Chi.

He told us that he was giving us a different attunement He told us that we were no longer to use the old conventional Usui reiki system, that it was dated and in some areas, corrupt.

He told us that human society was ready for some thing else, some thing of a higher vibration and frequency.

He said this was Gentle Love.

He said this one symbol and one attunement activates all levels of Reiki; the practitioner, the teacher, and the master. He said the symbol is of a triangle within a circle, and that this was the Universal symbol which will activate all reiki abilities within you. And that it would grow with you as you grew as a healer.

He said this would help all of humanity to once again completely have Reiki naturally within their dna, and that the more people you attune to this system the more people will begin to once again have reiki fully alive and activated within themselves.

Wei Chi said that all healing and all Reiki is like One Big giant tree with many different branches, and that no branch was seperate from the Whole of the Tree.

He said that Gentle Love works with those consepts, that if you practice any form of Reiki or Healing you can activate all forms of Reiki and Healing because it is all part of the One tree.

The ladies accepted the new attunement and began to spread and practice it.

Gentle Love- Master Level-Donation-$25.00 or
FREE with any workshop you take

You will receive the Gentle Love - Master Manual via Email, 1 Attunement and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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