Ganesh Always Has A
For Every Problem!

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

Among all the wonderful deities, Shri Ganesha is closest to the material plane of consciousness and most able to assist you in your day-to-day life concerns.

Ganesh is in charge of overseeing the chakra system so this Workshop is very powerful into bringing your chakras into alignment and balance.

Ganesh excels at removing worldy obstacles by rejuvenating all your chakras.

Ganesh may bestow all your material needs.

Ganesh Empowerments Includes:

  • Ganesh visualization and ritual to invoke Ganesh's power.

  • Your 3rd Eye will be opened according to your karma.

  • You will receive an Attunement to Ganesh's mantra.

  • Grounding Attunement

  • Meditation Attunement

  • Mental Body Attunement

  • Special Affirmation Empowerments

  • Powerful Ganesh Initiation

  • Compassion Attunement
  • You will learn to balance ALL Chakras

Ganesh Empowerments-$125.00

Dear Victor-I have been working with the Ganesh Workshop & I feel that much has been gained. I think more than any of the Workshops I have taken. What a Blessing! May you have much Happiness & Blessings & Much Light-Melody

Hi Victor, I have received the first empowerments, Ganesh has supercharged all the room even the entire house with his energy. It was incredible. Also, I feel a very cool energy into my spine and heart. Much Light, Olivier

Hi Guruji, Thnx for the attunements. They felt very strong and deep. I look forward to the other attunements tomorrow. Thnx again. Blessings, James

Hi, Victor, Already called in half of the attunements, the 2nd & 4th ones are especially atrong, will finish all tomorrow and then try the ritual to experience this Ganesh empowerment energy. Many thanks Victor, Namaste, Eddie

Hi Victor, Ganesh opened my third eye, I meant to tell you. I felt a lot of pressure during the workshop of my third eye. The day after I completed the attunements from your workshop, I woke up and everything looked like panoramic or like I was taller. I realize I had a third eye opening from Ganesh. He cleared a block in my third eye! The whole day everything looked taller to me, and brighter, like more light was shining on it. I felt floaty and laidback and calm. Problems floated past me. That must be what it's like to be a god/dess, Floaty! You see what you have done? All of this creativity from the energy you brought to us! Thank you.

You will receive the Ganesh Manual via Email, All Empowerments, emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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