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Workshops By Gaby Solina Grill Mitterhofer

Cosmic Stargate

The sacred lotus flower - the flower of life is opening to create a portal to the cosmic consciousness: Back to divine people. In your spherical energy field a sacred geometric pattern will be formed consisting of the highest frequency, which is available to the people at present time. Therefore it is of big importance that you have the highest frequency of Peace and unconditional love in yourself.

Cosmic Stargate - Master-$50.00

Dragon Transformation Vortex

You will receive very high dragon energy. If you are not accustomed yet to so high a frequency, it will be a advantage for you to receive it. With this Initiation a dragon's energy-Vortex is opened.

Dragon Transformation Vortex - Master-$50.00

Dragon Warrior

The dragon's warriors authorization connects you with the dragons. All your senses are sharpened. The Dragons only use unconditional love. This will raise your energy levels.

Dragon Warrior - Master-$50.00

Light Dragon

This is not a healing system but a system for self-development. For awakening of hidden talents and the possible extension of those previously used.

Light Dragon - Master-$50.00

Light God-I Am That I Am

The Light of God is the divine source within you, the highest frequency in the universe, the Divine Love. You are LOVE - EVERYTHING is LOVE. The LIGHT OF GOD - I AM THAT, I AM that connects the modern time with the 5th Dimension. It is a valuable event for you personally in these last days to ascend in the 5th Dimension. By the Light of God your own quality of light is activated.

Light God-I Am That I Am- Master-$50.00

Om Tat Sat Energy Of Light 999

The energy OM TAT SAT - the energy of the avatars of the light, the energy of the 144,000 high lights - your energy, is also serving your way home into the light. The energy Of Light 999 flows through your 4-body systems like a giant golden tidal wave: Powerful high-energy Magnetic energy of love from the United Divine Thought Field is flowing to you. A wonderful power fills you - feel your power, OM TAT SAT. Angel Metatron will accompany you by this high-energy activation.

Om Tat Sat Energy Of Light 999 - Master-$99.99

Photo Energy

This high-energy activation system of the New Age has a prerequisite - a high Consciousness BEING! The use of photon energy begins in your consciousness. Recognize and give the intention that you want to work with this energy.

Photo Energy - Master-$50.00

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Inner Light Warrior-$55.00

Invitation To Join Light Ship-$50.00

KYRON Essences- I, II-$50.00

Adama Luranis Empowerment-$75.00

Mar Kai System-$250.00

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